CWP-iStudent for iPhone>

"CWP-iStudent was designed with the serious Bible Student in mind." 

Works on older iOS's: 3.1.3 and above!

CWP-iStudent for  Features Include: 

  • Full Strongs Concordance 
  • Adjustable Text Size (For older, and younger eyes) 
  • Verse by verse note taking 
  • Parallel Bible reading (Portrait and Landscape) 
  • Multiple Translations: 
    • World English Bible with Strong's 
    • King James Version with Strong's 
    • American Standard Version with Strong's 
    • CrossWord King James Version (Updated for Modern English) with Strong's 
    • Apostolic Bible Polyglot Interlinear with Strong's 
    • Interlinear, Hebrew-Greek with Strong's 
    • Septuagint + Wescot-Hort NT with Morphology Tags 

  • Multiple Commentaries: 
    • Barnes 
    • Gill 
    • MHCC (Matthew Henry Concise Commentary) 
    • Scofield 

  • Smith's 1884 Bible Dictionary (Searchable) 
             (With pictures scanned from the book)

  • English Dictionary 

  • Maps:
    •  Ancient Babylonia
    •  Canaan Divided Among 12 Tribes
    •  Sea of Galilee
    •  Ancient Judah and Israel
    •  Ancient Jerusalem
    •  Journeys of Paul
    •  Roman Israel
    • Bookmarks with custom categories 
    • Full Bible word/phrase search 
    • Customizable Strongs reference Colors 
    • Easy Book, Chapter, Verse navigation 
    • Navigation History (Book, Chapter, and Verse) 

    CWP-iStudent for  

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