Crossword Project Download Page

(This page is updated from time to time.)

Crossword Project Look and Feel is the same for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Similar for Android.

This Page Is For The Personal Computer Version. See Google Play for Android.

Current Version is 1.08

Page Updated Nov 21, 2021

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Your list of available bibles will be different.

Note: Underlined words have a picture associated with them. (about 300).

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Privacy Notice:
We do not collect any individual data from you.
We do not voluntarily share data.

Using the internet to download CWP may allow others
to collect data from you without our knowledge.

We may enable page counters or other anonymous functions.
Hosting services are used and we do not control their use of internet data.



Minimal: 230 megabytes

Full: 337 megabytes

Minimal Download

Full Download

1. Unzip and then run the installer.
    Neither the installer nor the application are signed.
2. You must enable Developer mode in Windows 10 to install:
(Enabling Developer Mode)
3. Tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10
   (XP requires download of zip file here, unzip and manually
    install, and create your own shortcuts.)



Minimal: 277 megabytes

Full: 453 megabytes

Minimal Install Download

Full Install Download

Tested on OSX 10.8.5, 10.9, 10.12, 10.13.
Macintosh (General instructions)

1. Go To System Preferences (Apple menu -> System Preferences)
2. Click the Lock Icon in the corner and enter password to unlock
3. On "Allow apps downloaded from:", click "anywhere"
4. Download the .dmg file, open it and drag the to the
 Applications folder.  (You can also drag it to your Desktop.)

Note: The instructions above allow you to install and run CWP as an unsigned app.
You may now download apps and run them even if they are not signed by Apple. 

NOTE:  One of our users noted you may have to run a terminal application
 (found in the Applications->Utilities folder) and type the following
command in order to see the “anywhere” radio button. That button is hidden
in certain versions of Macintosh OSX: You may have to reboot to finalize.
     sudo spctl —master-disable
Once you type that, you will be prompted for your password.  That
command changes the Preferences security panel to show the
"anywhere" radio button.



CWP install directions.  (No formal installation program)

CWP is a 64 bit executable, tested on Ubuntu 14, LUbuntu 19, Ubuntu 16

Full: 453 megabytes

CWP Full Install (zipped)

1.  Download the  (It is an
AppImage. (AppImage is available at:
2.  Uncompress it. It should keep the executable bits,
if not, then

        chmod +x CWP-x86_64.AppImage
3.  Move it to where you want.
     (I put it mine in the Desktop Directory. It is a full app bundle with files.)
4.  Double click on it to execute.

Note: AppImage icons have stopped being available,
and the appimaged daemon is now deprecated. 


Released under GPL.  Built using Qt.  Source is available at Github:

CWP Source Code


If you downloaded the Minimal Install version,
the full set of Bibles and commentaries are available here:
Full CWP Bibles And Commentaries

Unzip the downloaded file. It expands into a directory named CWP with directories inside of it.
Move the entire directory into your personal Documents directory if it is empty.
(You can also copy each Bible or commentary into the right directory inside CWP to only update that one. Then Restart CWP.)